Social experiment


Would You Slap A Girl? Watch Endearing Reactions of Little Boys

To promote gender equality, and more essentially, kindness to one another, this social experiment is one of the most endearing and heart warming in the Internet. You will see the innocence and pure benevolence of the prepubescent boys interviewed for this experiment. It’s touching and also a good eye-opener to help understand domestic abuse especially to women around the world. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


How Will Men React When The Girl They See On Tinder is Actually Fat?

According to studies, the number one fear of women when it comes to dating on Tinder is that their date is actually a serial killer. For men, their worst fear is when their date is actually fat. Find out if any of the men stayed when their “hot” date is actually fat. This is a social experiment to find out how men will react when the girl they see on Tinder is extremely different from her photos. A slender women underwent make up and heavy transformation to look fatter than her Tinder pictures. Most men react similarly, trying to dodge the fat girl. Find out if there’s any gentleman left…


Would You Kiss A Complete Stranger?

In this unusual social experiment, strangers are asked to kiss each other for as long as they want. The reactions are priceless. It shows how a kiss can break down all barriers within a romantic context and can strengthen relationships. In strangers, a kiss definitely makes them more comfortable with each other as the video shows. How about you? Would you allow yourself to kiss a complete stranger? If you would kiss a complete stranger, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.