Inside Japan’s Only All-Female Sushi House

In Japanese society, women are not traditionally trained to become sushi masters. Myths persist that women’s hands are too warm for raw fish, their makeup will block their sense of smell and their menstrual cycles affect their sense of taste. Nadeshiko Sushi is challenging all of that with Japan’s first and only all-female sushi restaurant in Tokyo. There, seven women prove it doesn’t take a man to make a mean sushi plate. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.

Words of Wisdom

Next Time You Look Down on Low Wage Earners, Remember This

Do you ever catch yourself criticizing or belittling someone who earns lower than you? You have to stop doing it, and this video will tell you why. This insightful video about why we look down on people with low income will make you more sympathetic towards them. It discusses the injustice of the salary system and the role of art in showing the true value of overlooked jobs. If you like this post, share it on facebook and twitter.