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Did NASA Spend Millions Developing a Pen When the Russians Used Pencils?

The humble ballpoint pen is an item so ubiquitous the chances of you not having one near you right now are so low. Few people realize just how much technology, craftsmanship and effort goes into creating a single pen- probably because you can buy 30 of them for a few dollars. But NASA was right in spending those millions because the pencil just wouldn’t cut it in space. Find out about the story in this video. Don’t forget to share if you like this video!

Science and Technology

These Robots Drill Through Ice In The Hunt For Life In Other Planets

Explorer and engineer Bill Stone has been steadfast in his desire to travel to space since he watched the first astronauts land on the moon as a boy. Today, he’s closer than ever to launching his own inventions—advanced unmanned robots called “Cryobots”— into space to understand whether life exists beyond our planet. With help from NASA, his team is testing these bots in the most remote corners of our planet in order to one day collect data from space that could turn science fiction into reality. If you like this post, share it on facebook and twitter.