Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson

Life is so amazing! No one could ever thought that this girl can be so cute. Her mom is trying to teach her about saying no to a strange guy offering here something. Now the cute part is about this cute girl trying to say no! Andeyo says in korean, but this cute little lady is having a hard time saying no to her mom! Haha! This is just amazing! Try to keep up with the comedy! Have fun! If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


How Will You React When a Hot Stranger Touches You on the Escalator?

This crazy yet hilarious prank, which could also be a social experiment, has hot strangers touching unsuspecting people while riding the escalator. It’s a seemingly harmless prank where a stranger would touch other people’s hand while riding the elevator. Reactions vary from confused to downright terrified. Some of them even responded enthusiastically to the touching. It’s funny when pranks like this take place as it evaluates the most common to the rarest reactions of different people. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and twitter.