Words of Wisdom

What’s The Big Deal With Self-Compassion?

We all fall hard on our feet sometimes. To avoid getting depressed and lose hope, this video will show the importance of self-compassion. Self-compassion is understanding that you’re not a failure even though you feel like one. It’s interrupting those self-hatred thoughts in your mind and calmly accept that you matter and that you have value in this world. Enjoy this inspiring animated video about being kind to yourself. If you’re inspired by this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Words of Wisdom

A Tribute To The Greatest Boxer of All Time

Muhammad Ali is indisputably the greatest boxer of all time. This video shows the highlights of his boxing career and the powerful messages he charismatically gave to the world. Whether on the ring or in his personal life, Muhammad Ali demonstrated bravery, passion, and unwavering philosophy of fighting and standing up for yourself. Aside from being undoubtedly the greatest boxer of all time, he was also the greatest champion of equality and standing up for your rights. If you’re inspired by this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Words of Wisdom

Powerful Motivational Speech by Bruce Lee

No one has ever topped the precise martial arts skill of Bruce Lee. But the main reason why we still talk about him until now was his amazing philosophy in life. Bruce Lee talked about flowing like water. According to him, one must adapt to diverse situations like water adapts to different containers. This video gives a wonderful and unique look at the powerful philosophy of Bruce Lee. If you feel inspired by this video, share it on facebook and twitter.