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Finding Balance in Korean Sword Making

Balance can be described as finding the equalizing point between two opposing forces, and as both a design principle and a life philosophy, it is central to Korean culture. For master swordsmith Eun-cheul Lee, balance is essential to the creation of his hand-crafted swords. He revived a traditional Korean style of sword making that had been lost for 100 years. By blending different types of iron ore to make the steel used in his swords, he achieves balance in his blades and successfully brings an ancient technique into modern times. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.

Words of Wisdom

Check This Out Eight Traits of Successful People

Ten years of research and 500 face-to-face-interviews led Richard St. John to a collection of eight common traits in successful leaders around the world. I will be successful for sure! Honestly, anybody reading this comment, I’m becoming an author that will spread lovely stories around the world about important life lessons, my view on life and people! I just feel such a great need to create a change in the world! I have even started writing, or practicing, and I can just feel it! I keep saying when I’m good I’ll start writing but I’m not waiting for my success I’m working for it! If you like this video, like…