Surfing Under Northern Lights | That’s Amazing

Adventure photographer Chris Burkard is an expert at photographing surfers who ride the coldest, most punishing waves on the planet. He’s used to battling the elements in order to get the perfect shot, but one fateful storm in Iceland nearly broke him. Still, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture an epic adventure under the greatest light show on earth.   If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


Ridiculously Effective Ways to Burn 200 Calories

It’s actually easy to burn 200 calories. Just sleep for 3 hours and voila! you’ve vanished the calories. Here are other weird yet easy ways, and they actually work, to burn off those unwanted extra cal. You accidentally ditched your diet plan for a piece of that irresistible cupcake resulting to unwanted calories. What do you do? Thinking of hitting the gym or do a stricter diet plan rarely helps. Instead, try these scientifically proven tips to burn the extra calories. You have to do them a ridiculous number of times but they’re way easier and more fun than just running. If you want to give these tips a try, share…


Amazing Way To Go Surfing With a Bike

These instructions are a guideline. Each bike and surfboard are different. Be sure to measure your own bike and surfboard, and dry-fit the pieces before you glue them together. For those who travel around town by bicycle, they know riding with a surfboard under the arm can be cumbersome and awkward. In this episode of Surf Sufficient, our friend Travis Newhouse helps make that bike commute to the beach much sweeter. By adding a surfboard rack to your rig, your shred sled can be stowed comfortably as you head out for a stoke. If you got inspired from video like us on Facebook and Twitter