Gordon Ramsay Goes Diving for Fresh Scallops

The fun celebrity chef loves scallops and decides to go diving for them by himself. Follow him in this adventure and find out what he does to the seafood at the end of the video. Scallops are one of the most popular sea foods but this one is known as really expensive. Gordon Ramsay believes they should be harvested and cultured sustainably, so he shows us how it’s done: hand dived.. If you enjoy this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


Making Your Own Compost Save Money and be Productive

Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. In this video we demonstrate how to create that perfect recipe from the ingredients you have at home. You’ll see the compost mix being created, find out what materials to avoid, trace how the compost heap progresses as it ‘cooks’ and discover how to fix common problems.


Mouth Watering Recipes to Try With Your Sweet Potato

Although the leaves and shoots are also edible, the starchy tuberous roots are by far the most important product. In some tropical areas, they are a staple food crop. Besides simple starches, raw sweet potatoes are rich incomplex carbohydrates,dietary fiber and beta-carotene (a provitamin Acarotenoid), while having moderate contents of other micronutrients, including vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and manganese (table).When cooked by baking, small variable changes in micronutrient density occur to include a higher content of vitamin C at 24% of the Daily Value per 100 g serving (right table). If you like this video Like us on Facebook and Twitter!