The Impossible Acrobatic Martial Art of Kicking

What do you get when you combine the ferocious kicks of taekwondo, the grace of wushu, the improvised movements of capoeira, and gymnastics? The head-spinning martial art of kicking. The practice, which developed during the 1990s and early 2000s, requires agility, precision and impressive lung capacity. Korean tricker Ingun Yoo, aka “Kick Gun,” is one of the best around. Just try not to get dizzy watching him whirl. If you like this video, like us on Facebook and Twitter.


Adorable Reaction of Little Boy Trying To Break Board in Taekwondo

This little boy is attempting to break a board for his Taekwondo test but seems to failing. Watch how the teacher builds him up to finally succeed in breaking the board. Teaching sports to kids at a young age is a good way to harness their sportsmanship. But if you’re a toddler, perseverance and determination are big words, and sometimes, it could be too much. Enter a wonderful teacher. Patient and funny at the same time, this taekwondo instructor is able to motivate and strengthen the toddler’s will power. Check out this video and find out the priceless turn of events in this Taekwondo test. If you think this video is…