to catch a cheater


13 year old girl set-ups her boyfriend to see if he will cheat!

The Youtube channel “To Catch A Cheater” has been gaining a lot of popularity lately as they show men getting caught in the act cheating! Women mostly have their boyfriends set up to see if they will give in to temptation. This video however shows a 13 year old girl setting up her 13 year old boyfriend! Cringeworthy, I know. When I was 13, I was still busy playing with dolls. What has this generation come to?


Will He Cheat on Her with A Porn Star?

It has become quite common to cheat on relationships these days which is why it is pretty understandable that some of us would like to test our significant other’s loyalty in any way we can. This woman decided to do just that and find out for herself whether or not her boyfriend would take the bait and cheat on her. Here’s the catch: they’re trying to get him to cheat on her with a Porn Star! What do you think? Do you think the guy did a great job avoiding temptation or not?