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Would You Live in a Micro Apartment? Small Space Living is Booming in Japan

Do you struggle with space scarcity? Check out the unbelievable solution offered by Japanese architects to make life easier when you’re living in such tiny spaces. This amazing example of how people can live well with less space is making the rounds in the internet and in the architectural world. The USA has tapped city developers to incorporate architectural lessons from Japan. It may look like a twisted maze but micro apartments offer energy saving solutions to densely populated cities. How about you? Would you live in such small area? If you enjoy this video, share it on Facebook and twitter.


Watch This Guy Tie His Hair Up in this Ridiculous Tutorial

He might look hopelessly vain at first but this guy became huge when he uploaded his videos featuring himself casually tying up his hair in a man bun. This sensational tutorial gained him legions of female followers on Twitter and Instagram. He also made man buns popular and irresistible to the public. Revisit the viral video that made this guy the stunning sensations he is right now. If you fancy a man bun after watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.  


These Hand Drawn Famous Logos Are Incredibly Beautiful to Watch

Watch this artist effortlessly draw famous logos using special markers.  This kind of art is slowly gaining followers for its hypnotic effect. It’s easy to see why it found a newfound appreciation from viewers worldwide. The satisfying feeling you get watching the pen slide effortlessly to create beautiful letters is undeniable. This video makes it more amazing as the artist draws famous logos that are usually printed. Seeing these logos recreated by hand using a pen is simply gorgeous. If you felt vaguely relaxed after watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.