This Is An Amazing Robo Dog It Has High Technology Applications

Google’s Boston Dynamics unveils smaller, lighter robotic dog named Spot. Boston Dynamics, a subsidiary of Google, has unveiled a new robot dog named Spot on YouTube that is going as viral as its quadraped forebearers.  The four-legged robot runs on an electric motor that powers a series of hydraulic actuators – the motors responsible for controlling the movement of a mechanical system. Spot can be seen walking indoors, walking through various outdoor terrains, climbing stairs and running. The video also shows Spot being kicked, presumably to demonstrate its use of a sensor that helps it navigate and walk. Spot weighs approximately 160 lbs. If you like this video, like us…


Watch This Guy Tie His Hair Up in this Ridiculous Tutorial

He might look hopelessly vain at first but this guy became huge when he uploaded his videos featuring himself casually tying up his hair in a man bun. This sensational tutorial gained him legions of female followers on Twitter and Instagram. He also made man buns popular and irresistible to the public. Revisit the viral video that made this guy the stunning sensations he is right now. If you fancy a man bun after watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.